Top Reasons to Own a Classic Car

Why I Own a Classic Car

Shot of my 1956 Buick Special headlight, on it a sticker reads "Judged" indicating my car was judged at the car show.

There are a number of reasons why people get into the classic car world.  Some people just love cars, and that’s that.  Others want to win awards for putting in the hard work, or money, to get a car in perfect condition.  I have 5 reasons, that I believe are the top 5 reasons to own a classic car.  I have listed the top 5 below, in reverse order.  I want to highlight the #1 reason because I think it is the most important.

5.  They Last Forever

These cars were built like tanks, and without having all the electronic gadgetry involved, you can fix them fairly easily.  If you want a car that will keep running for a really long time, then a classic is for you!

4.  To Preserve History

These cars came from a simpler time, when America was producing the greatest cars on the planet.  There is so much history involved in every classic car, that to just own one, maybe restore it, you are preserving an important part of history.  If we let these cars crumble like dust in the wind, then a significant part of our heritage is lost!

3.  Sharing

This has a lot to do with preserving history, but it also extends beyond keeping a piece of history alive today.  Classic cars are interesting, heck cars are interesting!  The ability to share the fun of working on cars, customizing cars, and driving cars is a really great way to spend a weekend or evening.  It provides children a good clean activity to learn more about, and it helps to ensure that the tradition of keeping the classics alive will be around for years to come.  In short, its like marketing a hobby to new people, and sharing what you have done with those already hooked.

2.  Memories

For me, one of the biggest reasons I own a 1956 Buick today is because I owned one when I was a kid.  Every time I take “Torrid Lady” for a spin, I am instantly transported to a time when juke boxes actually played records, there were no speed limits in the middle of nowhere, and texting while driving meant driving and doing homework.  I love the memories that owning a classic car brings back, and I would recommend anyone wanting a trip down memory lane get into a classic car today.

1.  People

The number 1 reason to own a classic car is the people who you meet, the family who shares in the fun of working on the car, showing the car, cruising the car, etc.  It always amazes me when I meet new people who are interested in my car.  Many people had one, or something like it, when they were a kid.  It brings you closer to the people in your community, and it also brings family and friends even closer together because it gives you something that you can enjoy together.


So, I know this list of reasons is probably fairly obvious, but maybe it will spark a new focus on what the point of classic car collecting is all about.  Maybe you have different reasons for owning a classic car.  I would love to hear why you love your classic car too.  For those of you on the fence about buying a classic car, I have a couple words of advice.  It does cost money, it does take time, and it is quite frustrating at times; however, the benefits far outweigh the negatives.  My proof is in the face of the guy driving his classic car down the road… You never see a mad or sad person driving a classic car!

So, why do you own a classic car?  Tell my what I missed in the comments.  Or, if you have a question, post it here and we’ll get an answer for ya.



  1. what cars r pictured in this article?

  2. The Boss says:

    Hi Steven, pretty much all the car pictures are of my Dad’s 1956 Buick Special.