Reinstalling the Chrome Trim – Finally


Re-chromed taillight back on the BuickI have finally begun to reassemble the Buick!  I put the first two pieces of re-chromed parts on.  They are the two taillight assemblies.

I still haven’t gotten the transmission back from being rebuilt, so I cannot start on the front of the car.  To get the engine and trans in and out of the engine compartment, you have to disassemble quite a bit of the front end.  Plus, I don’t want any of the newly chromed pieces anywhere near the engine when we shimmy it into place.

Off the bat, I ran into a slight snag in the plan when I realized that the studs that you mount the taillights with were all different lengths and types, plus they also stuck through the body differently.  Putting everything back together is going to take a bit longer than it did to take it all apart!

To remedy the situation, I decided to scrap the original threaded studs and replace them all.  I purchased a length of 5/16-18 all-thread and made new studs so that they all came through the body the same length.  I just cut the lengths I wanted and reinstalled the new studs.

While I was at it, I decided to give the assembly one more upgrade… I added lock nuts on the studs so they would not come loose from the taillight assembly if I had to remove it again.  This was one of the problems we had while disassembling them.  When turning the wrench to loosen the nuts, the entire stud would sometimes rotate instead.  Well, that won’t be happening anymore!

First pieces of chrome to get put back on the 1956 Buick - the taillightsYou may be able to see a nice layer of dust on the car at this point.  It’s been sitting, waiting for me to put it back together for months now.  I plan to get everything put back together before car show season 2014, so I am trying to get going on the reassembly.  Stay tuned for further updates on my progress, and hopefully some video footage as well.  Don’t forget to subscribe to get notified when new updates are posted.

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I hope everyone has a fun and safe New Year’s Eve.  Here’s to 2014!