Putting My 1956 Buick Back Together – Procrastination!

An Update – My Long To-Do List

View of my 1956 Buick Special chrome and stainless steel parts laid out on a table next to my carThe pictures posted tell the story of what is ahead for me for a good while.  As you can see, there are a LOT of chrome and stainless steel trim parts to be reassembled on my ’56 Buick.  It will have to be a much more cautious procedure this time.  It was much easier to take all the trim off the car because you did not have to be careful not to scratch the paint. I will not be showing the car until June of 2014, so I have a good long time to reassemble the parts.

The transmission has not been finished yet, so I have to wait until that is completed before putting the engine back in the car as well.  After I pulled the motor, I removed the heads from the engine had them reworked with hardened seats and valves.  This will allow me to use unleaded gas and quit having to put in a lead substitute every time I fill up.  What a pain that was!  I’m looking forward to not worrying about that any more.  I also have to repaint the outside of the heads because the paint was stripped off when they were reworked at the machine shop.

View of my 1956 Buick Special with chrome and stainless steel trim next to it on a tableI also removed the speedometer to get it repaired, and I will go into more detail about that repair in my next post.  Basically, the speedo was not working and I found out that there is a very specific problem with these types of speedometers.  If your 1956 Buick speedometer is not working, you’ll want to read my next post to get the scoop on how they work and why the break.

So, I basically haven’t done much besides wait since I got all the chrome back.  I’m excited, if a little overwhelmed, to start putting everything back together.  I plan to start chipping away at things bit by bit soon, otherwise Torrid Lady won’t even make it to a show next year.


  1. I watched the video about doing the trim on your car and you brought some after make chrome plated clips with screws on the end. And my question is where do you buy them at because I’m trying to find some and it seems impossible. Please help


  2. The Boss says:

    Hi Jerame,

    Sorry for the delay in response, but I had to get the info from my Dad. He got the clips from Fastenal at a store near us. If you don’t have one close to you, you can order them on their website at Fastenal.com. Just search for Moulding Fastener on their website.

    Just to let you know, these are not OEM replacement parts, but universal. So, you probably can’t find the exact parts by searching for the specific make/model. For my Dad’s car, he purchased clips that have a #10-24 bolt, and he ended up buying a few different sizes of clips. You will likely have to grind them to fit perfect, we discussed that a bit in the video. He also bought stainless steel nuts to match the thread on the clip bolts so that they wouldn’t rust.

    Also, in case you wanted to search out the best price, you could also try doing a Google search for Universal Moulding Fastener. I’m not sure how Fastenal’s prices compare to other suppliers, but at least Fastenal is a recognized source.

    Hope that gets you pointed in the right direction. Let us know if you have any other questions or if we can help out with anything else.

    Zac & Tim

  3. Hi my name is nick I’m restoring a 64 buick wildcat need the heads switched to hardened whats the price range

  4. Hi Nick, thanks for stopping by! To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what the price range would be for that. You’d probably just have to get some quotes from machinists in your area. Sorry we couldn’t really help out, it’s just not something we could give an educated answer to.