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Welcome to the Higgs ’56 photo gallery. I try to keep a decent record of my car and classic car events. So, I’ve broken down the different galleries into categories to make it easier to find what you want.

The primary reason for this website is to share the 1956 Buick with everyone. We also want to have a little variety for viewers to check out, so we are adding a new area to our website: Readers’ Rides.  If you have a classic Buick (or any make/model classic) and would like to get your car showcased on our website, just send pictures and a little writeup to us. You can contact me at

Enjoy the classic car goodness, just click on one of the galleries to open it up and view the photos.




  1. Hi there I live in Australia and I just bought a 1956 Buick special it’s currently at the shipping yard in the states and will be sent in the next week or so are you able to help me get parts for it I’ve only seen photos but some of the chrome trim is missing things like wiper arms the interior is destroyed no door trims etc any help would be appreciated
    Cheers mick

  2. The Boss says:

    Hey Mick, congratulations on your new project! You must be pretty serious to have one shipped to Australia. We can definitely point you in the right direction on parts. There are quite a few resources out there. We don’t personally have spare parts on hand, but we’ll help you out in any way we can.

    I’ll talk to my Dad tomorrow and get you some good resources on finding replacement or used parts. He has all the contact info. Off hand, I do know that you can get parts on eBay sometimes, but I would definitely check out some other places first.

    Also, I’m not sure if you have checked out any of the clubs or online groups, but they can be a tremendous resource. There are some really knowledgeable and helpful people in them. My Dad’s a member of the Buick Club of America (, and that’s a really good organization. I’m not sure if they have chapters outside of the U.S., but still something to look into.

    As for online forums, Team Buick ( and V8 Buick ( are great forums, plus the Buick Club of America has a forum as well (

    I’ll shoot you a message tomorrow with some parts resources, and when you get the car and have a list of parts let us know and we’ll help you out. Thanks for contacting us, can’t wait to see pics of the car.

    Zac & Tim

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