Higgs56 Goes to Hollywood!

Ok, so that’s a bit overboard, but it is pretty exciting that we are finally able to shoot video and edit it! I hope you enjoy the new welcome video of Tim talking about the website and how he came to be a ’56 Buick lover. It’s pretty short, but we wanted to ease into the videos.

So here’s the debut film…

Stay tuned for more videos as well as some more updates on the Buick restoration. Finding the time to get the chrome back on has been a challenge lately, but we still plan to have the car back together and ready for shows in the spring… maybe late spring!

Coming up soon, we have a video that needs editing where Tim discusses the Buick speedometer, the two parts that he knows of that break, and where he got his speedometers repaired.

Let us know what you think of the video by leaving a comment below.