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Looking for great products to use on your own car?  I only use Adams car care products on my car to keep it in perfect condition.  Below, I have listed the products I use on my 1956 Buick to keep it shining like new. Below, I share each of the products I use and I’ve added a link to Amazon.com to pick some up for yourself.

To save money, I usually just buy a kit full of Adams products I use. This one includes towels, buckets, a gallon of Car Shampoo and Detail Spray – all things I use on my car. It’s a great kit, and although it seems silly to buy buckets, the kit comes with a grit separator so that you don’t dunk your soap brush into the bucket and pull out any nasty stuff that will scratch the paint. Brilliant!

To get my car all cleaned up and ready for shows, I use the Car Shampoo.  It works great, and it won’t harm your expensive paint job since the product is pH neutral.  It’s even biodegradable!  I usually buy it in the gallon size to save money.  A gallon will last a very long time.

I keep the tires shiny with Adams Super VRT. This stuff rocks, and they just updated the formula to be water repellant. Also, it not only shines the tires up, it actually protects them from harmful UV rays with SPF 35 blocker. It’s like sun tan lotion for your tires!

When you just need to give the car a touch-up instead of a full wash (extremely useful at car shows) I just use the Detail Spray. It perfect since it works on the paint AND you can use it for the interior as well! It’s amazing.

After washing the car, I use microfiber towels to dry it, and I only use microfiber to do the interior as well. Adams just happens to have some of the best towels too. It’s like wiping the car down with a diaper… actually it’s probably softer than a diaper.

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    hi there higgs56.your car is beautiful! i just sent in a couple of pics of my 57 today to team buick.hope they show up.just one thing . your car would look incredible if you put the correct firestone white wall tires for a 56 on the car.if you already have forget i said anything!i got mine from Coker tire. ran me about 800 but it’s worth it. my baby is a 57 2dr hardtop with 39000 original miles. people dont get how much harder it is to restore cars like ours vs. a 55-56-57 chevy. thats why i love beating them in car shows.good naturdly of course !well best of luck! oh by the way if you are not a member of The Buick Club of America,JOIN. Great club and great source for restoration and to meet and talk to other 56 owners.

  2. The Boss says:

    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my car Buster. I’ll have to check out your photos on Team Buick, 39,000 miles… holy cow! That’s amazing. I’ll tell you what, it’s tough restoring any car, but you’re right ours take a little more patience and digging around to find what we need.

    I’ll have to take a look at the whitewalls, I’m trying to keep everything as original as possible, but the tires are still in good shape. So far, it’s just been fun being able to drive this one, but after the new paint job and all the work I’ve been putting into it, the small things really add a lot. Thanks for the suggestion.

    I am already a member of BCA, but thanks for mentioning it. It is a great club to be a part of, and I love it. I actually made it out to a few of the national meets in previous years, check out my photo galleries if you want to see some pictures that I took at them. Man, if you like Buicks, those national meets are amazing!

    Thanks again for stopping by the site, don’t be a stranger. I’m actually just about ready to post some updates on the progress. I’m sorry to say that I have been procrastinating on getting it all back together, but things are rolling now! We should be shooting some more video as well in the next week or so. Just waiting on a few parts before we can get the engine/trans back in. We’re chipping away at it, soon it’ll be up and running.

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