Engine Painting Tips to get Better Results

We decided to shoot a short video all about painting the engine in your car. Although most of this is likely well known to many people, we thought it could be helpful for anybody who has never done it before and would like some tips. You just don’t head down to the local box store and buy a can of Krylon for this one!

So, in the video we cover some tips that will help you get better results, some suggestions on what parts are easier to paint on the engine or off it, and what NOT to do when painting an engine. We also share where we sourced our engine paint that is an exact match of the original color. We put a link to the supplier below. Did you know that you can get it in brush-on as well as in a spray can? Who knew!

So, we hope you enjoy the video. It may be pretty rudimentary for some, but even if you have some experience check it out and let us know if we missed anything by leaving comments below. The main goal is to help others out, so please share if you’ve got any tips or tricks.

Engine Paint Source:

We got the engine paint from Bill Hirsch Auto. They supply all kinds of goodies for classic auto restoration, and it’s not just for Buicks. You can check out their website at