Dragster Shopping Cart – Get Your Groceries Fast!

Quickie Cart

Do you get frustrated with the small capacity of the basket on your local grocer’s shopping carts that only holds one keg at a time?  Do you get frustrated that the motorized shopping cart you are riding is slower than molasses in January?  Well, your frustration is coming to an end!!!

WikiLeaks, eat your heart out.  I’ve got the inside scoop on the grocery shopping revolution that will actually change the world, and I’m going to leak it!  Save Mart is secretly working on a prototype shopping cart that will change your grocery shopping experience completely.  This new idea will not only solve the problem of not having enough room for your charcoal briquettes, beer, and well more beer; but it will also chop the time it takes you to navigate up and down the maze of aisles to find your items!  I infiltrated the Save Mart research and development facility to bring you this shocking news update.  Yes, I risked my life to bring you this, but I felt it was so important that it was worth it.  They are working on a dragster shopping cart to speed up your shopping.

I am happy to present the future of grocery shopping, I like to call it the Quickie Cart”.

Giant shopping cart dragster at Save Mart


Ok, well it’s not top secret, but it’s pretty darn cool.  I saw this while I was at the 2013 Save Mart Show n Shine.  It’s a small show, but it’s definitely worth the trip to see a bunch of great cars.  Get your groceries, check out the shopping cart dragster, and buy groceries!  Not the worst way to spend the afternoon.  If you want to check out the other cars on display at this show, check out the photo gallery below.

[maxgallery name=”2013-save-mart-classic-car-show-in-carson-city-nevada”]