Engine Painting Tips to get Better Results

We decided to shoot a short video all about painting the engine in your car. Although most of this is likely well known to many people, we thought it could be helpful for anybody who has never done it before and would like some tips. You just don’t head down to the local box store […]

Finding Odd Parts For my 1956 Buick

Well, I know it’s been a while since the last post, and I do apologize for that.  I have been bogged down with work plus a little back pain, and that combination had halted progress on the rebuild.  Things are moving and shaking now, though. I finally got the transmission back after being overhauled, and […]

1956 Buick Speedometer Repairs

Some Common Problems & How NOT to Break Your 1956 Buick Speedometer After getting started shooting video, we decided to put together a video that covers the problems that we had with the speedometer in the ’56 Buick.  We intentionally waited until we could use video for this topic because it would have taken pages […]

Reinstalling the Chrome Trim – Finally

HOORAY!!!! I have finally begun to reassemble the Buick!  I put the first two pieces of re-chromed parts on.  They are the two taillight assemblies. I still haven’t gotten the transmission back from being rebuilt, so I cannot start on the front of the car.  To get the engine and trans in and out of […]

Shiny New Valve Covers For My ’56 Buick

Most people are aware of the fact that Buicks are not the most sought after cars in the restoration arena.  It is because of this fact that the folks making aftermarket equipment don’t put a lot of effort into producing trick-up stuff for Buicks.  A fellow classic car lover friend of mine saw these covers […]

Putting My 1956 Buick Back Together – Procrastination!

An Update – My Long To-Do List The pictures posted tell the story of what is ahead for me for a good while.  As you can see, there are a LOT of chrome and stainless steel trim parts to be reassembled on my ’56 Buick.  It will have to be a much more cautious procedure […]