A Website About a 1956 Buick Special?

The purpose of this website is to document my journey restoring my 1956 Buick Special.  Her Name is “Torrid Lady.”  I want to be able to share my experience with anyone who is interested in learning about the 1956 Buick.

Plans for the Website

The following list is what I have in mind for the website in the future.  Some items will take some time, and I may need to learn a thing or two to get it up, but I hope to keep adding to the site on a fairly regular basis.  I have added links to the pages that you can visit now.

  • Photo Galleries-more on the way
  • Calendar of Events and Car Shows-Car shows, events, show ‘n’ shines
  • Tutorials-’56 Buick How-to’s
  • Buick Information-info repository and links
  • Where to Buy Classic Cars-list and links
  • Where to buy Buick Parts-list and links
  • Tool & Product Reviews-editorial, photo, and video
  • Video Footage-my restoration, tools, car shows, products
  • Links to Cool Tools, Products, and Accessories I Usecheck out my Amazon Store

Photo Galleries

I plan to include a few different galleries for you to check out including the three ’56 Buicks that I have owned, shows that I attend, and galleries of other classics.  You can click the link in the menu bar above or just click here to visit my galleries.

Calendar of Events and Car Shows

I have included a calendar to provide information on car shows in the Carson City area that I will try to populate with as many events as I can find information about.  Each event will have a short description and a map showing the location of the event.  I also included links and/or contact information for those interested in showing at the event or just want more information about it.


I plan to create some tutorials about restoring my 1956 Buick Special.  I am not an expert, nor do I restore cars for a living, but there are a number of things that I had to learn how to do the hard way.  So, whenever I run across something that I believe will be helpful to someone restoring a ’56 Buick I will post a tutorial.  I plan to incorporate video footage with some of the topics that are a bit harder to describe in text, so keep on the lookout for that!  I will also provide some text and picture based tutorials as well.

Buick Information

I plan to gather and post as much information about the 1956 Buick as I can.  I also plan to provide general Buick information as well, including all the production specs, model information, pictures, and anything else that I can share.  This project will be a constant work in progress, but I hope to eventually put together a virtual repository of knowledge for the Buick enthusiast.

Where to Buy Classic Cars

For anyone who is looking to add to their collection or just get into a classic car, I plan to include information on how to buy a classic car, hopefully a Buick, that I can find.  I already know of a couple places, but I will try to build a good list of different sources for picking up a classic.

Where to Buy Buick Parts

There are a number of resources for replacement parts for classic cars.  I will try to point out some of the best suggestions of where to look for the perfect part for your Buick.

Tool and Product Reviews

Since I have already bought a bunch of tools that I needed to work on my car, I figure why not talk about any of the tools that I found to be extremely helpful.  There are a few really cool tools that I have used to make working on my car a lot easier, so I will share my experience with them and how they work.  I have also used a couple terrible tools, and I will let you know which ones I would NOT recommend using.  I will do a mini review of these tools, and I will shoot some video footage where applicable.

Also, I have used a bunch of services in the restoration industry, such as chrome plating companies, auto body shops, etc.  So, I’ll give some details about how these services work, and how they worked for me.

Video Footage

I am planning to include video tutorials, tool reviews, document the progress of Torrid Lady’s restoration, and footage of car shows.

Cool Tools and Buick Stuff

One of the things that I really wanted to provide on this site is quick access to any of the stuff that I highly recommend or that I think Buick owners would like as well.  So, I will provide links to any products that help in the restoration process, or that Buick lover’s will enjoy.  Peruse the Higgs56.com Amazon Store here if you want to see some of the things that I can’t live without, and if you are looking for original shop manuals or old Buick Advertisements, yep, Amazon sells them!  If you find any of these products useful, you can help to support this website when you use the links on my site.  I will receive a small commission when I refer sales through my store.   Thank you for helping to support us if you do decide to buy something through our store, and enjoy whatever you buy!

Also, eBay is a great source of Buick parts and memorabilia.  I have a search interface that you can use to search for products located on my home page.


We would love to hear from you.  If you have any suggestions or questions, leave a comment or shoot me an email.  I hope you enjoy the website, and if you would like to receive email updates when new posts are released, just sign up below, or you can subscribe to the RSS feed to get the updates in your feed by clicking the RSS button.

Thanks for stopping by Higgs56.com!


  1. Jesus Flores says:

    trying to restore my 56 buick special, but need info on where to get restoration parts for.

  2. Hi Jesus, thanks for stopping by our site, hopefully we can point you in the right direction. Depending on where you live, you can find parts sometimes at junk yards. Ebay.com can be a good place to find parts quick, but you run into the problem of shipping costs depending on the part. It’s really good for lightweight items, and it is nice because you can type in exactly what you are searching for to see if somebody’s got if for sale. We have an Ebay car parts search on our site on the right hand side of the home page for your convenience.

    Craigslist comes to mind as well. Often times, you have to keep searching at car shows, swap meets, and online until you find what you are looking for. It also depends on what parts you need. There are some specialty shops and marketplaces out there that are better for body parts specifically, and some places are good for interior parts specifically, etc.

    Have you been by the Team Buick forum website? That is an excellent resource that I use quite often. There are tons of extremely knowledgeable people there willing to help out. Check them out at http://www.teambuick.com.

    Also, the Buick Club of America has some excellent resources, and I am a member of that. There is an annual fee to join, but they have a free online forum as well at http://buickforums.com/.

    If you have any specific parts that you need, just let us know and we can try to help track it down for you. Hope that helps Jesus, let us know what you find, and if you want to send us a photo of your car. We would love to see it.

    Zac & Tim

  3. Rex Petersen says:

    Hi, my name is Rex the speedometer in my 56 reads about twice as fast as i am going. then some times just stops at about 100 mph. Do i take it out and send it in for repairs or is there a DIY fix ?

  4. The Boss says:

    Hey Rex, I’ll run that question by Tim, but I’m not sure that he has seen that problem before. I’ll get back to you on it.


  5. Allen Dean says:

    Just bought a 1956 2 door ht to restore. Need good resources for parts. I am looking forward to following your posts.

  6. Welcome to the wonderful world of Buicks Allen! Let us know if you have any specific questions, and we’ll try to help out as best we can.

    Here are a couple parts suppliers that we know of off hand:

    Kanter Auto Products
    1 (800) 526-1096

    Buicks ‘R’ Us
    1 (406) 677-2806

    Car, Inc.

    Let us know if you need any specific parts, we can maybe refine the list and point you in the right direction.

    Thanks for stopping by our site,

    Tim & Zac

  7. Mark johnson says:


    I just purchases a 56 buick special, having trouble tracking down the trunk lid emblem, any suggestions on where I can find it?Also, plan on converting to both power steering and power brakes, any suggestions on where I can go for possible assistance for “how to’s”



  8. Hi Mark,

    I’ll run your questions by my Dad, he should be able to help out. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

  9. I am having a heck of a time getting the speedometer on my 56RM out. The lower left nut is inaccessible for me as is the cable knurl. Got any suggestions? Thanks, Bruce

  10. Hi Bruce, sorry for the delay, I was out of town for a wedding this last week. I didn’t get a chance to ask my Dad about it, he would probably be more helpful but I’ll give it a try. For my Dad’s car, we had to pop the dash out to be able to access all the nuts. So, between coming up from under the dash and coming down from the top, we were able to get all of them out. One other issue we had was one of the posts being slightly blocked. According to my Dad, he was at it for quite a while. I’ll take a look at the car tomorrow and see if I can offer more help. Just to make sure, is it the lower driver side or passenger side?

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