1956 Buick Speedometer Repairs

Some Common Problems & How NOT to Break Your 1956 Buick Speedometer

After getting started shooting video, we decided to put together a video that covers the problems that we had with the speedometer in the ’56 Buick.  We intentionally waited until we could use video for this topic because it would have taken pages of text and photos to explain things.  With video, we can provide better detail in a much shorter amount of time.

So, in the following video, Tim explains two common ways that the older Buick speedometers can break, and he also gives a great tip to help ensure that your speedometer doesn’t end up needing to be refurbished.  It would have never occurred to me that something I do every day in my newer vehicle could break an older speedometer!

We hope that this video is both informative and helpful.  We aren’t exactly Buick speedometer specialists, so there are likely other problems that could happen to these older speedometers.  If you know of another part or way they break, please leave a comment in the comment section below.  Also, don’t hesitate to contact us or ask questions in the comments section.

Happy Cruisin’,

Tim & Zac


  1. Neil Larson says:

    Hi, when you removed the speedo cluster from the car, was the windshield out, or in? I know its tight back there even after dash pad is removed, especially to pull the temp and oil pressure gauges out before you can lift out cluster. Thanks, Neil in N.Dak.

  2. Hi Neil,
    My Dad pulled it out with the windshield in, but I believe the dash pad had been removed. It took him about an hour or two to get it out. I put it back in, and ended up leaving one of the nuts off that was totally blocked by an electrical box that we couldn’t figure out how to remove. The other three weren’t that bad though. One other thing we had going for us was the front seat had been removed, so we had a little extra room to lay down under the dash.