1956 Buick Restoration: Chrome Trim Installation Tips & Tricks

Tim sharing tips on installing the chrome trim on the 1956 Buick Special he is restoringHey everybody. Just wanted to post a little update and video about the progress on the 1956 Buick Restoration and share some of the tips and tricks we have learned through the process of putting the trim back on. You’d be amazed at how finicky some of these parts are to get back on. The tricks include aftermarket parts we used to get the job done, ways we have found to get things on, and just some general tips on what to watch out for.

Things are really moving along now, and we have re-attached a good amount of the chrome and stainless steel trim parts. So far, we are only putting on the parts that will not be in the way or affected by the motor install – so basically nothing up front. I’m really glad that we decided to get all the trim parts reworked and plated because it sure looks nice with the new paint.

In the video, we also cover what we’ve done so far with the motor. I finally got the transmission back after overhauling it, so now we have most of the parts, tools, and accessories needed to get the drivetrain reinstalled. Still waiting on a few random parts and mounts before it can be tucked back in though.

Coming soon, we shot a short video discussing engine painting Do’s and Don’ts, so check back for that.

Enjoy the video